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How We Work

Turnkey Solutions for Single and Multi-site Projects Nationwide

The Process

1.  We work to understand customer needs, operations, and energy consumption to identify potential savings and the suitability of the applications.   

2.  We evaluate the solutions that offer the best financial and environmental results and that meet or surpass customers' operational parameters.

3.  We develop the project proposal and organize the contracting team. 

4.  Proposal approved, we deliver the results. 

5.  Frequently, we can arrange project financing, utility rebates, tax incentives, and their processing.

Project Delivery Team 

  • We primarily focus on turnkey projects to both minimize time commitment from customer facility managers - we know how busy they are.  The turnkey approach also enables us to coordinate the complexity of projects that involve multiple buildings/locations or solutions.
  • We also act as subcontractors and arrange installations via other service providers.
  • We partner with leading electrical and mechanical contractors, engineers, and consultants to ensure that customer needs are met and that the optimal solutions are delivered. 
  • The involvement of facility managers/technicians is important, but is usually limited to the short audit and evaluation phase of the project, and in reviewing the proposal.  Our customers determine how involved they want their internal staff during installation and commissioning.  
  • Installations are rapid and rarely interrupt normal building operations.
  • We work closely with and train, when necessary, existing customer mechanical contractors and key facility staff to install many of the solutions as well.