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Energy Projects

Sale, Implementation, and M&V of Energy-efficiency Solutions for Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, and multi-tenant Residential customers across the USA.

In the last 14 months, GreenSpark completed energy-efficiency projects for clients for several million square feet of retail, warehouse, office, manufacturing buildings, and restaurants across the U.S.  Some projects have had paybacks as short as six months.  These projects are saving our customers well over $2,000,000/year and significantly reduce harmful airborne emissions. 

The projects included HVAC, commercial refrigeration, water heating, lighting, building shell thermal sealing, establishing demand response capabilities, and enabling integration with on-site solar power.

As part of the process, we evaluate the facilities and potential solutions, develop the proposals, assist with vendor selection, screen, train, and coordinate the contractors, and implement solutions which result in rapid paybacks (even prior to incentives).

Projects have also included training/briefing of facilities personnel, savings measurement & verification, energy audits, modeling of emissions reductions and financial savings, and assistance with financing and rebates.