GreenSpark provides leading-edge energy-efficiency technology solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional  buildings in North America.  During the last 24 months, we completed projects for several million square feet of buildings nationwide.  We offer turnkey project services from facility evaluations and audits, to vendor selection, hardware sales, training and financing. 


We provide best-in-class, solutions that deliver compelling financial returns1 – even before incentives and rebates.  


Our products and services have proven track records of delivering major improvements in energy efficiency and reliability  while slashing operating and waste disposal costs, as well as air and water pollution.   They can also help our customers meet or exceed new environmental regulations and objectives.

    Customers benefit from our having screened several hundred products and services - from which we can select.         - However we tend to focus on an elite few efficiency solutions because they:

  • consistently deliver the highest returns on investment
  • target the largest areas of energy consumption
  • are low risk with high return
  • are quickly and easily deployed across many facility types and locations
  • require minimal management time or upkeep
  • compliment existing energy management systems
  • are rugged are easy to use.
  • don’t lock customers into long-term contracts or costly or proprietary hardware

1 Depending on project parameters, our projects typically deliver paybacks of 6 to 36 months
    - the paybacks are even faster when we add utility and government incentives.

    For pilot projects, we can often guarantee the payback period